Purchase and Delivery 

We strive towards giving you the absolut best service possible.

If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.


Purchase and Delivery

First and foremost, we would want to thank you for purchasing

 something from us. We sincerely hope that you like your new product.

If you haven't bought anything yet, we still thank you for visiting our website. 

We really appreciate it!

What happens when I buy something?

When you have ordered your product, an automatic email will be sent to you. That is, if

you give us your correct email adress.  When we are ready to ship your product, you will get

another email with an order confirmation. You should get this from us within 24h. In that order confirmation, 

you will get a tracking ID. Lastly, you will get a notification from the logistic-company when you can

get your package!


At this stage, we only present in Swedish Krona (SEK), but we're working on it!

Prices ar presented in SEK inc. VAT. The shipping not included in product price.

We have put in a trusted currency calculator that presents todays value.

Orders can not be made by under-aged (under 18 years) customer. If that is the case, 

it should only be under guardianship. 

Delivery time

We strive to get you your package within 1-3 bank days in Sweden,

and 2-5 bank days international shipping.  Make note that the delivery time can differ in some

periods of time. Why? Well it can be due to the amount of orders, but also in between 

sale periods and bank holidays. If this is the case, the delivery should be between 5-7 bank days instead. 

Our ambition first and foremost is for you to have your package 1-3/2-5 bank days no matter what.



You always get free returns at xpeditionen.com, just save the return-slip. This does not apply products in a sale-campaign.

If you don't have a return-slip, you can contact us! But we do have to send you a new one and that is not for free.

We do not return swim shorts or other similar products to underwear that has an opened package seal, due to 

hygien. If you have any concerns regarding returns, do not hesitate to contact us.

How to return video:


1-5 steps

When you receive and open your package, you will find a return-slip inside. You need this inorder to return your product free.

If you don't have it, please contact us!

Step 1

Put the return product in the same bag you received from us.

Option: put the product in a safe package.

Step 2

Pull off the tape protection from the bag. Then close the bag.

Option: Tape the safe package so it truly is closed.

Step 3

Put on the return form, on the bag or package.

Step 4

Send your package to us via your nearby post-office.

Step 5

When we have received your return package, we are going to process and contact you with an email confirmation.

We will then proceed and send you your money back into the same account that you bought the received product from.

Your money should be in your account within 5-10 bank days.


Please tell us why you want to return your product!

Why do you want to return your product?



Should there be an unfortunate case of production-failure or other types of production mistakes on your product,

and you want to make a complaint. We advise you to contact us through the email form beneath.

Please describe the issue, and we will asses the issue to see if we can take it further.

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