Why we love hoodies

One of the greatest essentials of an streetstyle outfit.

The hoodie was really meant for the athletes. Although it has been used in different cultures like hip-hop, skaters, or as we are used to today; streetwear fashion. The hoodie was really meant for practicality. Think about it, what does it offer? Comfort.

WeSC - Burnt Rose Hoodie

You can today see our favorite brands like Daily Paper and WeSC making hoodies with great quality made for the streets. Hoodies are here to stay, it is today one of the most essential garment of a true streetstyle enthusiast. Its not all about comfort, its a statement, a way of life. Among streetwear brands, logos are crucial. Everyone can even put his or hers take on the hoodie, some people wear it oversized and loose. While some wear it to fit just right.

Hoodies are super versatile when it comes to outfits. It could be used as part of a layered look. It could be the thing that makes your outfit pop. Just take a look at this:

Daily Paper Puffer jacket & Donny Hoodie

It is the garment that keeps you warm. It gives you style and asks for nothing in return. You can wear it in almost any occasion. Whats not to like?

Thanks for reading!

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