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With stops in Jamaica, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Bahamas. A recent trip to the Caribbean that we wanted to share with you guys and some things you have to put on your list! Lets go through what to try and experience, like some of the local drinks and foods, and things to do while you are in paradise (the Caribbean).

Ocho Rios, Jamaica: The first thing to strike you is the amazing nature and of course the people, with their "I can fix that for you" additude. As this stop was part of a cruise we were fresh off the boat and happy to walk on solid ground again, so we turned to the traditional jamaican rum punch at the beach to make it a bit wavy again... The feeling that hits you when you take a sip of the rum punch laying in the water while the reagge music echos in the background.

The only word for it is happiness. Not just because of the alcohol but by the whole feeling this place gives you. Make sure to try the rum punch though, just saying.

Another thing you can't miss, is to try their famous Jerk Chicken! We got it from a guy at the beach, who went and got it from his favorite local place and it was one of the best meals I had on the whole trip! When this was checked off the list we decided to take a trip, at the time we had no idea where to go. But you don't have to look to far for someone who offers to take you where ever you want to go. We got in a taxi that took us to a place called "The blue hole". We didn't get disappointed.

The blue colour of the water has me stunned to this day. We got a private guide that took us around a bunch of different natural pools with a waterfall at the top. We did flips, jumped from swings into the water, swam into caves and climbed in behind the waterfall and had the water flowing right over us... This place was like a natural playground!

But now the time has come to travel to the next destination, Cartagena, Colombia.

Cartagena, Colombia:

The old city was founded in 1533 and has been invaded by pirates numerous times in the passed. The old city is surrounded by a city wall, fortresses and castles and remains unchanged. We spent the whole day just walking around on these very narrow old streets just admiring the colourfull buildings, eating good food and trying Colombias great coffee.

Inside the walls of the old city of Cartagena, Colombia.

Chicken Fajitas with chili and lime. Served with a sweet chili sauce and a fresh garlic sauce. It tasted amazing in the really damp heat of 40 degrees celsius.

On the streets of Cartagena, wearing our Two Palms Orchid shirt.

Next stop: Costa Rica

Ziplining in the jungles of Costa Rica

Puerto Limon, Costa Rica:

Once again a place with incredible nature! Especially seen from high up in the trees, ziplining. We went on a really cool tour that took us from the port, high up into the rainforest and we ziplined through the jungle platform to platsform, built up in the threes. An amazing experience!

When we got back from the tour we had an hour to spare, so we took a taxi out to a local beach, Playa Bonita. Great surf, great vibe, great food. Unfortunately we didn't have the time to surf but we had time to get smacked by the big waves and I am still able to find sand in my swim shorts...We ate an amazing beefstew served with coconut rice and black beans, enjoyed the beach and drank a well deserved beer.

Off to Mexico!

Mahahual, Mexico:

A small town in Mexico with a population of only 2000 persons and the rest is tourists... But we made it out of the tourist traps and didn't book anything beforehand. We got lucky and found a guide that took us on a private snorkling tour on the reef just off the beach and the reef is actually the world's second largest. We saw a bunch of different fish, including a blowfish and a dragonfish but the most amazing were the 10 sea turtles surrounding us. One of the best things i have ever done!

After the snorkling trip we got back to the beach and we were pretty much by ourselves, the rest of the day was just total relaxation. We had real Mexican tacos, margaritas, tequila and life wasn't to hard. We had access to a pool just behind the sun chairs which was sweet because the water in the ocean didn't really cool you down. Big problems... I was also able to find really cool silver jewelry from a local, who made medallions and hard bracelets.

Next up, Bahamas.

Nassau, Bahamas:

The one and only plan for this day was to find amazing water and an amazing beach so we asked around for a while and we got recommended going to a local beach outside of Nassau and it was perfect, Love Beach. I think we saw maybe ten people of the whole day including the people who ran the little beach bar.

At this bar they prepared a very special local salad made from Queen Conch which is a spiral shelled creature from the sea that is prepared and mixed with vegetables and fresh mango flavoured with citrus and hot pepper and if your brave enough served with a really hot sauce on the side. This salad is a must to try if you ever visit the Bahamas and is a great way to taste your way into Bahamian culture. Now to the drink you can see on the left here is a typical local drink in the Bahamas called "Sky Juice" which is an alcoholic beverage made with Gin, Coconut water, Coconut milk and a pinch of cinnamon and tastes amazing almost like a milkshake.

We will share recipes of both drinks and foods on here so you can try making it at home.

Hope you've enjoyed the reading and have a great weekend!

// Pontus



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