Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Either way, we are not taking any part of this. See why here!

Know the difference. We care for our planet. All over the world people are getting stressed over a consumption driven event that pushes us to buy cheap products, that we probably wouldn’t value buying any other day and may not even use, ever.

More and more brands are taking a stand to say no to Black Friday, for the reason that someone still has to pay the price. Which most likely comes down to the workers who make the garments or our planet.

With respect for all companies who takes part in the event, we just wanted to tell you that we are going to have no part in this.

Therefore there will be no “Black Friday” sale at xpeditionen. We always strive to give you great quality, kind to the environment, for a great price through the whole year and we’ll keep doing so, with your support.

We promise you always care for our products and dedicated passion for streetwear and elegance.

So we hope that you have a great stress free weekend with family and friends. Instead of spending your time in an overly crowded mall, visit for a stress free experience.

Emile & Pontus



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