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Our goal is to deliver style with a balance of elegance and streetwear combined, with items that makes your outfit truly unique and truly stylish. We aim to give you a wide range of products inorder to suit you with any needs.

Who are we

xpeditionen was founded by two friends from Gothenburg, year 2017. With a dream and a goal to create our very own online store, we wanted to create a different range of products than what we were use to.

The day we launched, we almost sold out the entire store. xpeditionen originates from Sweden and the brand name in Swedish means “the expedition”. We see it as a symbol of pure willingness to explore, discover and accomplish style for the modern gentlemen.

Why xpeditionen

We founded xpeditionen because we felt that there weren't any interesting supply of clothes in town. The supply looked pretty much the same in every store. At our store, you can find unique, stylish and interesting range of products. 

Thats also why we handpick the whole supply of clothes. To ensure and give you great quality to great prices.

Importantly, we want you as a customer to feel safe, secure and good. If you ever have any concerns, don't hesitate to contact us. We will sort it out!

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